Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Love me some 27 things

'27 things' has been a really good experience. I don't know that I will use a lot of what I learned basically because I don't know if I retained any of the information. I know that its out there and I know where to find it...and I could find it better if I was good with acronyms.
Few of the lessons helped bring out my inner dork (which I love) a relationship that I have missed. I think the first blog posting I mentioned something about "not having to ask my husband anything yet". Well, now I can show him a thing or two ...and he is all "I'm a computer guy give me some candy"... I'm definitely gonna keep this up.

Podcast Race

I try to listen to artist lecture series podcasts from MoMA and other museums....I hope that I'm absorbing information because I have a really short attention span. I start feeling like I'm listening to the adults in Charlie Brown cartoons... "wha waaa waa wahhh wahh". Yes, in general I think that podcasts are groovy. Groovier when I have had coffee and am sitting in a white room with my hands taped to the arms of a chair. But still groovy.

Play on Playa

Okay, now I'm getting excited for my playa...........Checked out the Libraries down loadable audio books. There is more there than I thought. Now if only there was a way to experience the joys of Scratch n Sniff.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Drunk David Hasselhoff

I thought that the Internet might be a horrible nightmare for the famous and infamous...now with Youtube becoming as popular as it is, I KNOW it is a nightmare. Yah, I could watch news and important political stuff....but why when I can watch Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do "The Barry Gibb Talk Show".....Or Christopher Walken be "Bruce Dickenson" and NEED more cowbell? I even found long clips of Eddie Izzard...He's so darn funny!!

Implanted memory of a deer.

Ah, Lesson 22

So looking through Web 2.0 and Webware. I have noticed that a lot of the sites that are award winners are also the sites that we have been learning about in 27things.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I just saved a bunch of money on my website fees!

Just about everyone that I know has said to me "You need to have a website". I don't know what my deal-e-o-o is, or should I say was.
While playing around on
Google Labs I came across the Google Page Creator. A way to make a website as polished and shiny as I could have paid anyone to make for me. I'm sure it has its limitations. I haven't actually created a page yet to find out-but if it's anything like Blogspot I am all over it!
The other groovy thing in Google Labs is the notebook. It incorporates all the information you are looking at into one area. I have a tendency to keep a million windows open and then toggle back and forth between things...I end up getting frustrated because I will accidentally close a page I wanted. AND now that there are "tabs" on each new browser page, I am all messed up. At least now a window pops up to ask if I want to close everything before I'm a bonehead.
Lets face it, Google are gettin' it going! I can see a practical use for everything in Google labs. Google maps, Google Voice Local Search, Google Reader (sheesh! I don't think I have ever typed Google so much in one paragraph!) Google Labs is great and easy to use.

So easy......

Even a caveman could do it
D'oh, I've reached new lows. Since I'm ripping off large portions of their ad campaign.....